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Avoid Costly Construction Mistakes

Covers improper site preparation and grading, foundation mistakes, the benefits of water proofing vs. damp proofing, vapor retarders, backfill and control joints. Special attention to discussing sill anchor bolt placement, attached and free-standing decks and floor cantilevering, load bearing, proper house wrapping techniques, reroofing, ice barriers and dryer exhaust challenges.

2 Hours (1 Hour Code Review, 1 Hour Elective)

Builders Introduction to HVAC Systems - Old & New

Comprehensive program on understanding the basic relationships of moisture in air, learning about the range of efficiency options available for HVAC systems today, heat pump operation, Building Code changes that apply to residential HVAC systems and the energy implications of the relationship between the building envelope and HVAC systems. At the conclusion of this program, you’ll possess more knowledge allowing you to make better decisions in selecting and installation of efficient HVAC systems and available governmental rebates.

2 Hours (1 Hour Code Review, 1 Hour Energy)

Building an Airtight Home

Covers the critical areas of air filtration and air barriers, blower door testing and metrics, framing an airtight house, and insulating and sealing an airtight house. Also includes a case study in addressing a real-world building envelope failure. Familiarize yourself with elements of planning and design of a super-insulated home, construction details, building testing during construction & building performance after completion.

2 Hours (1 Hour Code Review, 1 Hour Energy)

Construction Contracts and Compliance with MA General Laws Chapter 142A - Online

Of critical importance to Construction Supervisors and business owners, a review of the importance of written contracts, contract provisions to be included in construction contracts, requirements of 780 CMR as it relates to Mass Contracts, General Laws Chapter 142A, and compliance with Massachusetts General Laws Ch. 142A including rights of rescission, and lead paint issues.

2 Hours (1 Hour Code Review, 1 Hour Business Practices)

Fall Prevention and Silica Safety

Learn how to keep your employees safe as well as yourself on-the-job. Leading causes of construction fatalities and serious injuries and how to prevent them are discussed. Includes demonstrations of the latest safety equipment on the market, fall prevention systems, training resources and OSHA compliance and expectations. Program concludes with reducing/eliminating silica exposure on the job site, protection measures and free training resources available.

2 Hours (1 Hour Workplace Safety, 1 Hour Business Practices)

Keep Moisture Out & Flashing Techniques

Covers Building Code flashing details and roof assemblies to prevent water intrusion. Includes the latest materials on the market to prevent moisture penetration and ice dams as well as non-compatible materials to be aware of. Special attention and discussion directed towards:
• roof valleys
• flashing challenges regardless of siding materials
• eliminating wall and window water penetration & exterior wall applied membranes
• proper flashing of decks and steps

2 Hours (1 Hour Code Review, 1 Hour Elective)

Lead Safety Isn't Just About Lead Paint

In depth presentation on lead-based paint, dust and debris, and the associated health risks and effects of lead exposure. Includes discussion on what homes have lead-based paint, the differences between EPA and MA regulations, on-site supervisors requirements, required documentation for employees, OSHA, required record keeping and appropriate construction practices.

2 Hours (1 Hour Workplace Safety, 1 Hour Lead Safety)

Mechanic's Lien and Compliance with Massachusetts General Laws Ch. 254

Learn how to protect your business. Course covers General Contractor Liens, Sub-Contractor Liens, including Tier I, Tier II and Tier III designations. Discussion includes Statements of Accounts, Partial Lien Waivers, Notice of Contract, Notice of Identification, Notice of Substantial Completion, General Lien Waivers and proper Notice of Lien Waivers.

2 Hours (1 Hour Business Practices, 1 Hour Elective)

Transition from 8th Edition to 9th Edition MA State Building Code 780 CMR

This information-packed presentation covers many of the significant changes regarding 1 and 2 family dwelling code based on the IRC 2015 Edition. Examples of areas addressed include accessory structures, alternative materials, story height, stairs and stairways, insulating, fire protection, ventilation, footing size, balconies, decks, fastening schedules, foundation anchorage and drainage, grouting requirements, siding, roof preparation and materials, energy efficiency, Plan Review Application Forms, Compliance Path, Stretch Code, log homes, questions and much more.

4 Hours (4 Hours Code)