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One of the many strengths of our association is the contribution that active members provide by serving on its various committees. If you do not already serve on a committee why not consider doing so? Our association has many opportunities for members to serve in their specific areas of interest. Member involvement on various committees is also an ideal stepping stone to being recognized by the association’s leadership to serve on leadership roles on the association’s board.

Most of these committees do not entail a commitment of a lot of time. Many of the committees only meet three or four times a year. If you would like more information about the various committees, or if you are interested in joining any of them, please contact the association at 413-733-3126 or by email.

Major Association Programs

The Show Committee is responsible for establishing policy for the governance of New England’s greatest spring home show, The “Original” Western Mass Home & Garden Show. The committee provides oversight and direction to the show staff on broad management issues.

Show volunteers support the work of the Home Show Committee by serving as a pool of support staff for set-up, show operations, association booth staffing, and show breakdown.

This committee was developed to assist the vocational/technical schools with updated industry needs and information. It creates programs that connect industry and classroom. It is also charged with the creation of student chapters at both the high school and secondary education levels. The committee also oversees the process of the association building a home, in line with the curriculum of the area schools, to involve the students in the education of the residential construction process.

Membership & Vocational Scholarship Programs
The Scholarship Committee is the other recipient of funding from the Home Builders Foundation of Western Massachusetts, and has a three-pronged responsibility for the scholarship program: promoting the scholarship program among the membership; reviewing its policies and procedures to ensure the utmost fairness in the awarding of scholarships; and screening the applicants to award the scholarships.

Membership Services

The Education Committee is responsible for developing the curriculum and assigning the faculty for all original educational programs of the association; as well as approving all other programming from other sources. They shall also be responsible for the development and review of written materials, to be used in association publications or as stand-alone documents.

The Golf Committee shall review all options for both the annual Member Premiere Tournament of the association, and the association’s Annual Charitable Fundraising Tournament, including venue, cost, budget, prize money and menu.

The Clambake Committee shall review all aspects of this annual offering, and make an official recommendation to the Board of Directors as to the location and format of this annual event.

The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruiting, processing, indoctrinating and retaining of all members of the association, in conjunction with the staff of the association.

Association Leadership

The HBRAWM Directors who sit on the Board of Directors of the Home Association of Massachusetts are appointed by the Board of Directors of the local association. The HBAM Board meets approximately 9 times per year; and the HBAM Board’s Executive Committee (comprising of HBAM’s state and national officers, and a representative from any other association without such an officer) meets the day of the State Board Meeting.