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Scholarship Programs


Vocational Scholarships

We offer scholarships to fourteen local trade schools every year. The first scholarship is our $750 Tool Acquisition Award/Educational Scholarship. The applications are reviewed by the committee and winners are selected. The scholarship can be used to further the student's education or for him/her to purchase tools from a member company. The student can be a Junior or Senior who is recommended by the school and is involved in a construction related trade.

The second scholarship we provide for students is our $1,000 Vocational Scholarship. It is available for all Vocational/Technical Seniors. The applications are reviewed by our committee and up to two recipients from the fourteen local trade schools are selected to receive this scholarship. This scholarship rewards the student $1,000 to further his/her education. There is no limit to the number of students who can apply for this scholarship as long as they are vocational/technical students in the construction related trades.

All completed applications will be due in the HBRAWM office no later than 5p.m. on Friday, May 4, 2018, there will be no exceptions.

Eight $1,000 Scholarships to be Awarded!

The Home Builder Foundation of Western Massachusetts, Inc., the charitable arm of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Western Massachusetts, is pleased to announce that once again it will be awarding eight $1,000 scholarships to our membership. To be eligible for one of these scholarships you must be enrolled, or accepted for enrollment, in a full time program at an accredited college or university, and must be a member; a member's spouse, child or grandchild; an employee of a member; or the spouse or child of a member's employee. A student can not be awarded our scholarship more than two times to be fair to all those applying. You or a family member must be able to attend our Scholarship Ceremony on at the Home Builders & Remodelers Headquarters.

We urge you to begin organizing your information now! Candidates who delay gathering materials are often disappointed when they can not get all of the necessary paperwork in by the deadline. Some of the key problem areas usually include: Transcripts not coming in or late, and transcripts not bearing the official school seal on them upon receipt. Please read the application completely and follow all of the instructions. The deadline for all materials is Friday, May 4, 2018 at 5 p.m. There are no exceptions.

If you are selected as one of the 2018 recipients, your $1,000 award check will be made payable to both you and the college you are attending or its bookstore. Unfortunately, it seems that many employees of members companies have never heard of the scholarship program that was created for their benefit. Members of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Western Massachusetts will be receiving a packet with all of the necessary paperwork for applying. We encourage you to distribute these forms to all your employees. If you do not receive this packet or if you have any questions regarding the scholarship process, please call Maribel at the HBRAWM at 413-733-3126 or email mwalton@hbrawm.com.

Click on the link below to download a copy of the 2018 Scholarship Application for members.

2019 HBRAWM Member Scholarship Application