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What is "Green"?

It is nearly impossible these days to open the newspaper and not see a story about the rapid growth of green building, where new homes are built using materials that conserve energy and environmental resources. In fact, a recent survey of home builders by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and McGraw Hill Construction found that by 2010 one of every ten homes built will be "green".

Homeowners of green homes said in another survey that they were happier 85 percent of the time with their new green home than with their previous, more traditionally built ones, due in part to the lower operating and maintenance costs that come with energy-and-resource-efficient homes.

But for the 120 million existing homes in the United States, remodeling is the only way for homeowners to incorporate green. NAHB Remodelers offers the following suggestions to homeowners who want to increase their home's efficiency, decrease costs, and take advantage of the other benefits that green offers.

HBRAWM is now a Green Affiliated HBA

The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Western Mass recently has been officially affiliated with the NAHB Green Program.

This website will help you evaluate your green home designs.

Do Your Part to Go Green
Green Your Home When You Remodel
Save Green by Being Green
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