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HBRA of Western Massachusetts' High Performance Construction Coalition

Paul LeClerc, Past President of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Western Massachusetts said "Green is the future of construction. We want Homebuilders and Remodelers to get ahead of the curve here in Western Massachusetts."

Here is an overview of the specifics of the Green Building Guidelines. There are seven components: Site and Land Use, Building Design, Quality, Durability and Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Water Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, Keeping It Green/Homeowner Education

The following HBRA of Western Massachusetts members have volunteered and been active on the High Performance Construction Coalition:

Stuart Fearn, SAFCO Foam; Scott Copland & David Lieber, Porter & Chester; Pam Howland, weetc.org; Paul Huijing, Paul Huijing, Inc.; Paul Leclerc, Leclerc Brothers, Inc.; Mat Newey & Peggy MacLeod, CET; Kent Hicks, Kent Hicks Construction Co.; Jess Hill & John Silk, Cellite Engineers dba Johnstone Supply; David Payne, Plan it Green Landscape; Ben Hall, Total Electrical & Mechanical; Mike Marmo, AW Hastings; John Theofane, The Pecoy Companies; Tom Silva, Triple S Construction Co.; Walt Tomala, TNT General Contracting; Tim Carey, Sherwin Williams; Bernie Puza, Andersen Windows; Greg Canavan, Beacon Sales; Frank Nataloni, Kitchens By Curio; Larry Villalobos, Mr Mold; Brice Hereford, Fasten Master; John Arthur, Westover Job Corps; Jason Allen, Chicopee Concrete Service; Gary Wilson, Wilson Services; Sue Fearn, NUVO Bank & Trust; Shaul Perry, Sunwood Builders; Mark Hebert, City of Springfield; Dan Hellyer, East Longmeadow Building Inspector; Sean Jeffords, Beyond Green Construction; Steve Dinoia, Eastern Advertising Novelty & Dan Morrison, Green Building Advisor.

Please contact Brad Campbell if you can join the HPCC or volunteer your expertise in one or more of the components of the Guidelines at 413-733-3126 or jlilly@hbrawm.com